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 100  Budworths            
 150  Mill Meece           
 100  Dark Peak            
 100  Mid Peak             
 100  White Peak           
 100  West Peak            
 100  Staffs Peak          
 200  Eccleshall           
 200  Mountains/Moelhills  

It's time for Peak Audax to resume its cycling activities after the Covid pause, and the recovery starts here. A nice gentle reintroduction to endurance cycling starts with a ride around Cheshire, with its beautiful lanes and the odd welcoming cafe.
budw Perm map
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It seems that every ride into Cheshire manages to pass through Church Minshull, and this ride is no exception. It might well be a charming village but in the cycling world it owes its reputation to its useful bridge over the River Weaver.

Just why Little Budworth and Great Budworth are so far apart (about 19km as the Audaxer cycles) is a bit of a mystery. Little Budworth is small (as the name might suggest) and quiet (that is unless there is racing going on at nearby Oulton Park).

The picturesque village of Great Budworth is not that much bigger, but it has the added feature of a cafe at the Icecream Farm, a place we've visited on a number of Peak Audax events. We're sure they will be delighted to see us back again, while observing any social distance measures that might still be in place of course.

The return to Poynton goes via Ashley and the Airport tunnels.

We're not sure just how life after the vaccination is going to be like. We'll be restricting the numbers of entrants, and we'll be starting from the carpark in Poynton. The nearby Costa has toilets for customer use, and there will not be any controllers along the way. There will be no one waiting for you at the finish, so you'll need to post your completed Brevet Card back to the Organiser after the ride.

We'll also be trialling the new eBrevets for those who have a smart phone using Android or iOS software. This is a simple tool that we've used on our Perm rides, and is a handy way to record your progress without worrying about battery life on your Garmin and does away with having to collect till receipts.
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