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An Olympic pillar box in Poynton
An Olympic pillar box in Poynton

To commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics, post boxes in the home towns of British gold medal winners were repainted gold.

Manchester certainly played a big part in that success, particularly with cycling. Manchester Velodrome was used for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and has been the home of British Cycling since 1994.

As you would expect, there are a number of gold post boxes throughout the Manchester area. Central Manchester and Bolton both have 2, Leigh and Salford 1 each. Just outside Manchester there you can find 2 in Disley, 1 in Poynton, 1 in Wilmslow and 1 in Macclesfield.

Location of Gold Post Boxes
Manchester Cycling Map
Manchester Train and Tram Map
'Going for Gold' is a permanently available ride (Perm) that explores our area, visiting all the gold post boxes as you remember those glorious sporting achievements. The total distance is 150km (94 miles) but you can break this into smaller sections, as the ride passes close to numerous station along the way.

Can you complete the table below? This is not an Audax events. You can cycle any or all of the route at any time, and there is no entry fee.

Manchester CTC Perms
Going for Gold
Manchester Sightseer
mini-Manc Sightseer
Station to Station
Werneth Low Rider
Riding in Styal
TfGM Cycling Map
TfGM Trains & Trams

Location Athlete Activity
Manchester, Piccadilly
Manchester, Lloyd Street
Salford, Eccles Old Road
Bolton, Churchgate
Bolton, Deansgate
Leigh, Market Place
Wilmslow, Alderley Road
Macclesfield, Market Place
Poynton, Yew Tree Lane
Disley, Market Street
Disley, Buxton Road