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Monyash Peak Grimpeur (105 km) [2½]
Wednesday 30/03/2016 (date to be confirmed)

CTC: the national cyclists' organistion AUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' association National 400, 15th June 2013 London-Edinburgh, 28 July 2013
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No entries on the line (deadline for entries 23/03/16)

AAA points: 2½     Total ascent: 2170m

With the schools closed for the Easter holidays, we're hoping that the roads will be quieter than normal to allow us a pleasant ride into the Peak District.

This ride takes in the Brickworks climb out of Pott Shrigley, a real challenging struggle out of Combs, followed by Kirk Dale out of Ashford in the Water to our favourite cafe in Monyash. Return through Buxton, over Oldgate Nick to another cafe at Rainow, before we get back to Marple, with sandwiches waiting for you at the Ring o'Bells.
Organiser Chris climbs out of Combs
Organiser Chris climbs out of Combs

If you want something with less climbing, have a look at the Icecream Wensdae.
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click here for route map
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