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Newport (201 km)
Sunday 24/01/2021 (start: 08:00)
  Event Cancelled! 

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Rider Numbers
19 28/01/2019: 75
18 28/01/2018: 87
17 26/02/2017: 97
16 28/02/2016: 83
15 22/02/2015: 53
14 23/02/2014: 66
13 24/02/2013: 58
12 26/02/2012: 55
11 27/02/2011: 57
10 28/02/2010: 41
 9 22/02/2009: 54
 8 24/02/2008: 46
 7 25/02/2007: 79
 6 26/02/2006: 60
 5 27/02/2005: 50
 4 29/02/2004: 28
 3 23/02/2003: 57
 2 24/02/2002: 26
 1 25/02/2001: 10
Thanks to the Covid virus, this ride will not take place in 2021. It is the first time we've not run the event for 20 years but we hope we see you in 2022.

There are still Audax events which you can take part in. Our Perms can be ridden at any time, provided you meet current restrictions. See Marple Perms and Wigley Perms. Stay safe!'

The twentieth running of this winter Randonnee, this ride starts and finishes at Cheadle Village Hall (to the west of Stockport), with free parking and conveniently close to M60 junction 3. Or arrive by train at nearby Stockport.

If you want something a litle shorter with the chance of a daylight finish, you can try the Radway 150 for a one hundred miles in the Cheshire countryside.
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Toilets and tea or coffee at the start, hot soup at the finish, a flat ride through the Cheshire and Shropshire Plains - what more could you ask for? Well, good weather I suppose. Bring your waterproofs and warm clothing just in case and don't forget your lights.

Plenty of cafes along the way at Radway, Newport, Audlem and Middlewich

The ride now conforms to Audax's Mandatory Route rules, so be on the watch for a secret control!

The ride now conforms to Audax's Mandatory Route rules, so be on the watch for a secret control!
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