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A Cheshire Safari (160 km)
Sunday 10/11/2019 (start: 08:30)

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12 11/11/2018: 34
11 12/11/2017: 39
10 06/11/2016: 66
 9 08/11/2015: 46
 8 09/11/2014: 60
 7 10/11/2013: 70
 6 11/11/2012: 61
 5 16/11/2011: 39
 4 14/11/2010: 21
 3 08/11/2009: 36
 2 09/11/2008: 68
 1 04/11/2007: 28
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Not ready for the full 200km of the Eureka! event? No problem; undertake a Safari instead.(Click here to see the article from the CTC's Cycling magazine)

It's a one hundred mile exploration of deepest Cheshire, with a ride through Tatton park - watch out for the deer. We then head through the north of the county of Cheshire, through Helsby and Frodsham, on the way to Eureka.
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click here for route map

Eureka is a famous cyclists' cafe on the Wirral, serving up mugs of tea and beans on toast for over 80 years.

The return to Cheadle involves going through the middle of Chester Zoo, so you should catch a glimpse of several non-indigenous species, such as camel or elephant. You later ride through Delamere Forest, which is usually glorious at this time of year.

A final stop at Great Budworth's Icecream Farm, with a chance of tea and cake, should set you up for the run in back to Cheadle (via the amusingly named Peover but rhyming with 'Beaver').
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