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We normally run the Cheshire Safari on the same date as the Eureka 200 . Not so this year, so you get a chance to ride both of them! A group of us will be riding the Cheshire Safari as a Perm on Sunday 27th November. Why don't you join us? Simply enter the Safari 150 and join us at Costa on Poynton for an 8:30 start.

The Perm version of a popular Calendar ride.In fact, a group of us are planning to ride this Perm on 27th November 2023 rather than as a Calendar Event, so why not join us?

It's a one hundred mile exploration of deepest Cheshire, with a ride through Tatton park - watch out for the deer. We then head through the north of the county of Cheshire, famous for its cheese, so expect to see cows. There is a first cafe stop at Meadow Lee Farm in Mickle Trafford.

Then you will ride right through the middle of Chester on the Greenway, an excellent off-road route to reach Hawarden over the border into Wales. You then ride back along side the River Dee to Garden City and Sealand.

The return involves going through the middle of Chester Zoo, so you should catch a glimpse of several non-indigenous species, such as camel or elephant. You later ride through Delamere Forest, which is usually glorious whatever the time of year.

A final stop at Great Budworth's Icecream Farm, with a chance of tea and cake, should set you up for the run in back to Poynton).
Elementary 50
Chirk 200 Perm
Llanfair PG 200
Monty 300
Llanfair PG 400
Kirtons 600
If you like this ride, you may wish to try
another of the Wigley Perms from Poynton.

Wigley Perms are also available with
starts from Dean Row , Stalybridge and Uppermill .
eBrevet Some Useful Café Suggestions:

  68km: Mickle Trafford, Meadow Lea Farm Coffee Shop
 132km: Great Budworth, Ice cream farm (open weekends only during winter)

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