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eBrevet This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet. Warning: this is a 200km Perm with a difference as the finish is 200km from the start! Don't worry, this ride is run in association with Transpennine Express, who run a direct train service from Scarborough back to the start at Stalybridge so you can take advantage of the prevailing SouthWesterly winds.

Trains for the return are run hourly; check the Transpennine Express Thyme Tables before choosing your start time. You particularly need to avoid any times that use a replacement bus service. You must book your bike onto the trains as bikes without reservations are not allowed on board. Book your train tickets online at TPE , but make sure you tick the box to reserve a space for the bike. You can opt to collect your tickets at Stalybridge which you should pick up at the start of your ride.

Of course, you could just stay over in Scarborough and ride a second Perm back to Stalybridge. There is a Youth Hostel at Scarborough, and plenty of hotel and B&B accommodation.

The ride itself is generally in a North-Easterly direction. You have the big climb of the ride early on, rising to 492m on Saddleworth Moors from 118m at the start. The reward is a long descent into Holmfirth. This is followed by a second climb to the Sovereign then it is easy gradients until the Howardian Hills between Boroughbridge and Malton. There is a final heave into Scarborough before a plunge to the coast. Enjoy a pint in the Wetherspoons opposite the station (other refreshment opportunities are available) as you wait for your return train. Now, where did you put those tickets?
Southport 100
Scarborough 200
Llanfair PG 200
If you like the idea of a one-way ride,
with a train journey for the return,
you may wish to try another of these Wigley Perms .
eBrevet Some Useful Cafe Suggestions:

69km: Knottingley, Morrisons Cafe (closes 4pm Sundays)
118km: Boroughbridge Morrisons Cafe (closes 4pm Sundays)
166km: Malton Morrisons Cafe (closes 4pm Sundays)
Rider Numbers
6 2022: 0
5 2021: 2
4 2020: 3
3 2019: 6
2 2018: 4
1 2017: 2