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Peak Audax Calendar
Winter Series            
 200  Eureka               
 150  Safari               
 200  Solstice             
Rider Numbers
21 22/12/2019: 57
20 23/12/2018: 32
19 17/12/2017: 40
18 18/12/2016: 80
17 20/12/2015: 49
16 21/12/2014: 53
15 22/12/2013: 49
14 16/12/2012: 54
13 18/12/2011: 2
12 19/12/2010: 1
11 20/12/2009: 5
10 21/12/2008: 30
 9 23/12/2007: 28
 8 17/12/2006: 36
 7 18/12/2005: 30
 6 19/12/2004: 38
 5 21/12/2003: 20
 4 22/12/2002: 27
 3 23/12/2001: 10
 2 17/12/2000: 8
 1 19/12/1999: 9
We're hoping the ride will be back in 2021. It all depends on how the country recovers from the Covid restrictions, and on the success of our 'trial' events - see Calendar of Events. Entries will open on 20th October. Watch this space for confirmation that the ride is on.

In the meantime, get fit by riding one of our 'warm-up' events or one of our Perms.

This 200km ride is now a traditional fixture, and this will its 21st running. We meet at the Arthur Greenwood Community Centre (if Covid restrictions permit this) from 7:30 for teas, coffees, (there might even be biscuits), and toilets. There is NO PARKING at the Community Centre but you should find suitable parking at nearby Woodley shopping precinct.

Lunch will be taken at Market Drayton at Morrison's Supermarket cafe, Londis petrol station, Wetherspoons or Costa Coffee.
sols Perm map
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Afternoon tea will be at Old Ma's cafe in Gatesheath.

Note the later than usual start time; we start at 8:30am to give you an extra half an hour in bed, and more importantly to give any overnight frost the chance to have thawed, or at least for daylight to have fully established itself so you can see any dodgy patches of ice. Of course that means that you will be finishing in the dark so make sure you take your lights

The finish control is back at the Arthur Greenwood Centre for hot drinks and hot soup.

In view of the time of year, this is a ride for experienced Audaxers. As you will see from the ride numbers, 2009, 2010 and 2011 were badly affected by the weather - but it's the Winter Solstice so we sort of expect that. Don't forget your lights and warm clothing! Bring a map as you may need to find your way around icy lanes (or find the nearest station!). There are plenty of pubs, shops, garages and cafés marked on the route sheet.

If you enter the event but find that you cannot ride on the day because of bad weather, bad health, family committments or last minute shopping, you have another chance to ride in the Holt Perm.
Don Black and John Radford at the Horsebox Cafe
Don Black and John Radford at the Horsebox Cafe
A winter start in the dark and the snow in 2009
A winter start in the dark and the snow in 2009
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