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TfGM Cycling Map
TfGM Trains & Trams
We want to show how you can enjoy your bike in the Greater Manchester area, so here is a series of assisted rides, using the train and tram network. You can ride the full circuits (there are two!), or you can pick and choose from the stages, using the train or tram to get you back where you started.

There is no entry fee. You can ride any time you wish. Just pick a good day.

Better still, join us for a group ride on the 3rd Saturday of each month. These group rides are flexible and you can drop out along the way and catch the train if you don't want to do the full thing. See the ride schedule to find where and when to meet

The Inner Ring has mainly short, fairly flat stages, using minor roads and cycle paths between stations and tram stops. The ride is suitable for any bike, but only folding bike are (currently) allowed on the Metrolink.

The Outer Ring has longer stages between National Rail stations and may involve more hilly terrain. The route follows quiet roads but also ventures onto canal towpaths and former railway track beds, so a gravel bike or a mountain bike would be ideal. Don't let that spoil the fun, you can ride on whatever you have (we've done it on a skinny road bike and a Brompton).

You ride at your own risk. The routes are all on public rights of way so if there is anything you don't like, feel free to make a diversion. Let us know if you ride any of the stages, especially if you have any observations and comments about how to improve the rides.

We recommend that you have 3rd party insurance. If you're a fully paid-up members of Cycling UK , then you can ride with confidence.

You can use whatever bike you have, including electric-assist, road bikes and gravel bikes. Remember that non-folding bikes are not allowed on the Metrolink trams and you will struggle to get tandems, trikes, and recumbents on the train.

Outer Ring stations
Inner Ring stations
Bury and Trafford Centre

Inner Ring (Clockwise)
Airport to Altrincham
8km (5 miles) / 31m (102 feet)
RWG map
Altrincham  to Trafford Centre
13km (8 miles) / 44m (144 feet)
RWG map
Trafford Centre  to Eccles
3km (2 miles) / 20m (66 feet)
RWG map
Eccles to Bury
20km (13 miles) / 182m (597 feet)
RWG map
Bury to Rochdale
10km (6 miles) / 113m (371 feet)
RWG map
Rochdale to Ashton
23km (14 miles) / 152m (499 feet)
RWG map
Ashton to East Didsbury
15km (9 miles) / 57m (187 feet)
RWG map
East Didsbury to Airport
11km (7 miles) / 81m (266 feet)
RWG map

Outer Ring (Anticlockwise)
Airport to Hazel Grove
26km (16 miles) / 150m (492 feet)
RWG map
Hazel Grove to Marple
28km (18 miles) / 393m (1289 feet)

Marple to Hadfield
35km (22 miles) / 452m (1483 feet)
RWG map
Hadfield to Greenfield
20km (13 miles) / 313m (1027 feet)

Greenfield to Littleborough
19km (12 miles) / 277m (909 feet)
RWG map
Littleborough to Bromley Cross
40km (25 miles) / 513m (1683 feet)
RWG map
Bromley Cross to Appley Bridge
30km (19 miles) / 365m (1197 feet)
RWG map
Appley Bridge to Irlam
33km (21 miles) / 129m (423 feet)
RWG map
Irlam to Airport
41km (26 miles) / 275m (902 feet)
RWG map