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Rider Numbers
21 24/08/2022:  22
20 18/08/2021:  37
19 21/08/2019:  41
18 22/08/2018:  40
17 23/08/2017:  50
16 24/08/2016:  51
15 19/08/2015:  51
14 20/08/2014:  56
13 21/08/2013:  41
12 22/08/2012:  36
11 24/08/2011:  43
10 18/08/2010:  44
 9 19/08/2009:  36
 8 20/08/2008:  32
 7 22/08/2007:  32
 6 23/08/2006:  38
 5 03/08/2005:  38
 4 11/08/2004:  38
 3 20/08/2003:  34
 2 31/07/2002:  14
 1 29/08/2001:  14

Meet at Marple Memorial park (outside the library and near the public toilets) for a prompt 10am start. We've been asked not to use the library carpark, as it's in use all day by library users as well as visitors to the nearby Day-care Centre. There is a handily placed car park on Hollins Lane, just next to the fire station. Don't be late as we leave at 10 sharp, but if you're early, you'll find some of us in the nearby ASDA, or perhaps the Costa Coffee, having breakfast or just a quick cuppa.

Stage four of the Wednesday Peak Grimpeurs, the event was once known as Roy Carr's West Edge of Peak. Through Middlewood to Bollington and Langley, then a climb through the Macclesfield Forest. Wildboarclough and Danebridge gets us to Meerbrook and the Reservoir Visitor Centre. After the Mermaid climb to Warslow, we visit Flash then the Laundrette cafe in Buxton. A fast descent into the Goyt valley is followed by further climbs up The Street.

The finish is at the Ring O'Bells, an excellent Robinsons pub, where sandwiches (included in the entry fee) will be served.

Please note that we can't handle entries on the line, as we are starting from a car park, but it's really easy to enter the event, either online or through the post - just click on the "Enter this event" button and follow the instructions.

There is also nowhere to leave panniers If you don't want to carry unnecessary luggage around the Peak District you can try asking a fellow rider to let you leave stuff in a car.

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