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page updated: 30/01/2023 - 18:32

Have you missed the Radway 150 (which we normally run alongside the Newport 200 in January)? Are you disappointed that there is no Northwest Passage from Rochdale this year?

In that case, join us on the Where's Whalley 100 Perm on 19th February.

The ride starts from Uppermill (Saddleworth) and heads north to Whalley via Milnrow and Todmorden. There's a cafe at Whalley Abbey, plus a few others that I've not tried but might be worth a look. We come back via York (no, really), Accrington, Haslingden and Rochdale.

It's a Perm, so enter the ride here . Or why not set up your own DIY Perm based on the Whalley route.

We'll meet up at Uppermill Museum car park for a 9:30 start. There are plenty of cafes in Uppermill for a pre-ride coffee and a bacon butty (veggie options available) as well as toilets. Note that for long term car parking you will need to use the leisure centre car park off Station Road.

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