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Riding with an eBrevet

Perms from 01/08/2020Perms from 01/08/2020 CTC: the national cyclists' organistion AUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' association
page updated: 23:40 - 11/08/2020
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Elementary 50       
Elland 50           
Torrs 50            
LymeStone 100       
Radway 100          
Whalley 100         
Audlem 150          
Chirk 200           
Eccleshall 200      
Eureka 200          
Goolish 200         
Holt 200            
Llanfair 200        
Mere 200            
Newport 200         
Oat Cuisine 200     
Prestatyn 200       
Ruthin 200          
Scarborough 200     
See Dee 200         
St Asaph 200        
Trough 200          
Wigley 200          
Wylde Fyre 200      
Monty 300           
Plains 300          
Llanfair PG 400     
Kirtons 600         
If you have an Android smart phone, you can ride Wigley Perms with an eBrevet. This saves you all the fuss of going into shops, cafes, or petrol stations to collect receipts, and frees you of the worry of your Garmin batteries giving out.

It only works with Android phones, but it is hoped to get an iPhone version at some point. You don't even need to have your phone on
E-Brevet Instructions
for all the ride if you are worried about battery life; it only needs to be on (with location services turned) on at each control, and you only need WiFi on to download the eBrevet before the ride and to upload your completed eBrevet after the ride.

Download the App

The App is available from eb.audax.uk. You will need your AUK email address and password.

Click on My Account/Get The App and follow the download instructions

The app will appear on your apps screen as E-Brevet, with an AUK logo.
Using your eBrevet

Before the ride
Open the E-Brevet App on your phone, click Menu / Settings.
Enter your e-mail address and the ride code (eg 'MW01', see list below) and click OK. If you have a customised version, you should enter the full ride code, which will look something like 'MW01-1234-20201126'

During the ride
Make sure you have completed your Entry Form, paid your Entry Fee, and informed me of your ride date by text or email
When you are at the start and ready to go, press the first blue circle, then register
Repeat at each subsequent control

After the ride
Click on the Menu / Rate/comment ride and let me know that you enjoyed the ride (or not!)
Click on the Menu / Upload ride - you will need your AUK password
To check your ride has been successfully uploaded, go to eb.audax.uk and click My Account / My Completed Event
You still need to send your Brevet Card back to me with the ride date completed and your name and address on the back
Customising your eBrevet

You can tailor the controls to suit your particular requirements. You customise your ride at eb.audax.uk; select Events and Event List, find the 'base' route that you want to ride (eg Where's Whalley), and click on the ? button to view details. Click on the customise this ride button at the bottom of this page.

- To reverse the direction of the ride, change Reverse Route to YES

- Set First Control to the desired Control Number

- To establish a different start/finish point, change Set Start Location to YES. Establish your exact start point by double clicking on the map, and then add the distance to the first proper control (you can get this figure from the route sheet). NB Your start should be somewhere along the route, as you won't be given extra time for any added kilometres!

- You can have any combination of the above (provided the Perm allows it)

Don't forget to click the Save Brevet button. Your ride will be saved with a ride code of MW99-nnnnn-yyyymmdd where "nnnnn" is your Membership number and "yyyymmdd" is the date you first created this customised version

To see your full list of customised rides, click on My Account/My Custom Routes.
E-Brevet Instructions

Distance Ride Code Event Name
50 MW25 Elementary
MW28 Elland Ride
MW29 Trip to the Torrs
100 MW30 Lymestone Cowboy
MW09 Radway
MW31 Where's Whalley
150 MW06 Audlem
200 MW02 Eccleshall
MW32 Goolish
MW06 Holt
MW21 Holyhead-Prestatyn
MW01 Newport
MW33 Oat Cuisine
MW34 See Dee
MW35 Tough through the Trough
MW36 Wigley
MW37 Wylde Fyre