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You could certainly ride this Perm on a road bike with skinny tyres, but a gravel bike (if you have one) or using chunkier tyres on your road bike might be a better idea. The route uses long stretches of cycle paths, but none of it could be described as 'rough stuff'. However, this is a non-mandatory route, so if you want to divert onto nearby roads, then feel free to do so. Your only requirement for a successful validation is to reach all the controls within the times limits. If you have a smart phone, then the eBrevet works well on this ride.

The route involves riding down the Melling Road in Aintree, which famously crosses the Grand National course. That makes for one day a year (and in reality several days) that you will not be able to ride this Perm.

Please bear in mind that some of these off-road sections run through the Manchester and Liverpool suburbs, and you could find yourself isolated and without street lights.

For some background reading on the off-road sections, or at least some helpful maps, you may wish to look at the following websites:
Alexandra Road in Oldham (½km)
Clayton Vale on the Medlock Valley Way, (1½km)
• the Bridgewater Canal towpath from Castlefield Basin to pass Old Trafford Park football stadium (5km)
• the Cheshire Lines Path from Formby to Netherton (12km)
• the Liverpool Loop Line from Aintree to Halewood (15km)
• more of the Trans Pennine Trail from Latchford to Dunham Massey (9km)
• the Fallowfield Loop Line from Fallowfield Station to Fairfield (7km).

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eBrevet Some Useful Café Suggestions:

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